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The Virginia City Full Movie In Hindi Free Download

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Union officer Kerry Bradford escapes from Confederate Prison and is set to Virginia City in Nevada. Once there he finds that the former commander of his prison Vance Irby is planning to send $5 millio

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original title: Virginia City

genge: Action,Drama,History,Romance,Western

imdb: 7.2

duration: 2h 1min

tags: Go West!...to Virginia City...for excitement, for adventure, for primitive romance!!!

budget: $1,000,000

keywords: americancivilwar, arizona, arizonaterritory, confederatestatesofamerica, u.s.mailstagecoach, stagecoachholdup, runawaystagecoach, horsestagecoachchase, saloonsinger, femalesinger, undercover, drunkenn

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During the American Civil War, Captain Kerry Bradford escapes from a notorious confederate prison. He and two of his men are sent to Virginia City where Confederate sympathizers are prepared to donate $5 million dollars to the cause of Southern independence. The war is going badly for the Confederacy and money may tip the war in their favor. On the stagecoach to Virginia City, Bradford meets and falls in love with Julia Hayne not realizing that she is one of the conspirators. When he gets to Virginia City, he also runs into Confederate Captain Vance Irby who has been sent to collect and safely deliver the gold. Irby manages to get out of the city but the Union cavalry is in hot pursue. When Bradfoed catches up with them, he not only has to fight Irby but also John Murrell, a bandit who has his own plans for the gold. He also Union officer Kerry Bradford escapes from Confederate Prison and is set to Virginia City in Nevada. Once there he finds that the former commander of his prison Vance Irby is planning to send $5 million in gold to save the Confederacy. Those who are not used to classic Hollywood productions will probably shun this picture if only because the plot is somewhat complex and there are some glaring mistakes. Nevertheless, the simple fact that Errol Flynn is the lead role makes up for many of the shortcomings and makes this yet another solid production featuring Flynn and director Michael Curtiz.

In a story somewhat reminiscent of Gone With the Wind and Flynn's previous film Dodge City, Union captain Bradford (Flynn) escapes with his two sidekicks (the same in Dodge City) and travels to Virginia City to try and stop a group of Southerners from bringing $5 million in gold back from the mines of Nevada in order to fund the war which they are badly losing. This creates for some great tension scenes which I found very provocative between Flynn and Randolph Scott as the leader of the Southerners. Miriam Hopkins plays the role usually reserved for Olivia de Havilland, and although she isn't as personable or warm as her, Hopkins holds her own with both Scott and Flynn.

As for Humphrey Bogart as a Mexican bandit, he is highly miscast, but still a solid part of this strong cast that all comes together in the end in a final shootout in the desert. Curtiz certainly knows how to stage action scenes and those here are some of his best. Of course, like most others, this film belongs to Flynn. He is one of the most charismatic and likable leading men ever and his talents are at their best here. He is one of the very few actors who can make a film better simply with his presence. This one is no exception. I never fail to be moved by this Civil War western from 1940, ever since the first time I watched it on late night television with my father when I was in the seventh grade. Errol Flynn (representing the Union) around this time was on top form, and Randolph Scott, a native Virginian, is ideally suited for the role of Southern gentleman soldier.

Miriam Hopkins, while a bit older than the usual leading lady in films of this period, is still very beautiful and is perfect as a Southern aristocrat fallen on hard times because of a war which is obviously being lost. Humphrey Bogart may at first seem a bit ridiculous as a Mexican bandit, but he could play the bad guy when he had to and you have to remember that this film was before Casablanca and his other great classics.

The film does have some very corny lines, which it is hard to believe were not laughable even at the time it was made. However the score by Max Steiner is absolutely wonderful and helps to convey the sadness and desperation of both sides in early 1865. The courtroom scene towards the end with Errol Flynn, while probably not rooted in reality, is to me one of the actor's finer moments. And the portrayal of Abraham Lincoln, shown in shadow towards the end of the film, has always been my vision of Lincoln.


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